Photographer / Videographer / Influencer


 ​​​​​​At Nick Crayton Photography, we believe life’s milestones deserve to be captured with every detail in mind. Every feeling beginning with the behind-the-scenes preparations to every angle during the spotlighted celebration. We deploy a variety of photographic techniques to uncover a richer, more human depth, and utilize perspective and framing to tell a story that will only improve with time.  All accomplished with a relaxed intelligence and light-footed presence that puts our clients at ease, allowing them to more fully inhabit the big moments in their lives.



I am professional photographer who's equally passionate about styling, digital art and creative direction. 
Art, Fashion, and Photography have always been my platform to express my opinions, share experiences, experiment, address social issues, specifically those regarding body positivity which is why all my work has been left purely natural and no skin retouch has been done. 

Bold colours and ideas are what defines me and my work. I like to create new things on the regular, break boundaries, and experiment with my art. As an artist, I solidified my foundations in photography at The Art Institute Atlanta, specializing in art and people.